Thursday, 14 April 2011

PPR Launches Happiness Club - creating amazing experiences for our tenants

We hope we've made another NW6 first here by announcing our commitment to our guests of Cavendish Road, here is our outline for caring for our clients beyond any level we've ever experienced! Please send us a comment with your thoughts or give us a call on 07813 290 338 to view Cavendish Road. 

PPR Happiness Club
When you move into one of our homes, we want you to feel very happy. That's why we've created the PPR Happiness Club™, more than just a list it's our commitment to making your time with us feel like the no other rental experience you've ever had.

Here is what we will do for the people who live in our properties:  
- One free Sunday Times (per property) delivered to your door every week: enjoy, share & recycle
- Free PPR Walk-In and Walk-Out Inventory – some companies charge up to £150 for an inventory, so we're sure you'll love our comprehensive and collaborative inventory system
- Free PPR EasyContract™ - produced together within 48 hours we'll make sure your always happy, at no cost to you 
- Fast Deposit Protection Scheme Tenant ID's – same day ID's for deposits made via HSBC
- Sanitaryware and drains serviced every three months (you clean them though, please)
- Dishwasher, washing machine and tumble drier checked every three months
- Gardens and outdoor areas maintained every month
- Dustbins and recycling cleaned four times a year
- Phone numbers for very good cleaners, we hope they have time!


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