Saturday, 4 September 2010

My first job in London...The Budweiser House Party for CAKE

This was such a cool summer job way back in 2002, I remember their premises - an old church in Kensington - got SO HOT they had to buy fans from Homebase to keep everyone cool and under control.

Amazing colleagues, loads of celebrities, our events and other parties every week and quality media coverage made this the best introduction to working in London ever.

Thanks for the free drinks, the tent, frisbee and cool job, I'll never forget it! Here is their case study for the project from the website

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Turn your property into an ad... Target style

Check out this Mother for Target NYC Fall 2010 clip. They turned the windows of The Standard Hotel, on the Highline, into a giant entertainment fashion show for the night.

On a smaller scale, why not ask your local hairdresser or fashion store to do a 'show' on your balcony or roof terrace? Would work perfectly on those appartments opposite the Salsbury Pub in Queens Park on a late summers drinking evening!